The Core Team

Mike Rousseau - Founder, Lead investigator         
Mariana Arelleno - Co-Director, Psychic, investigator
Jennifer Kephart - Research Director, investigator             
Jamie Aguilara - Tech, investigator, sensitive                                    

              Think you got what it takes? Not afraid of the dark?
I am looking for the following...
I have plenty of investigators but I am looking for people with special talents that can be applied to paranormal investigating such as different religous backgrounds, photo or vidieo expertise and research specialists.

   We are a nonprofit group located in Ontario, California who's goal is to prove or debunk paranormal activity of all kinds. Each case is treated differently with the purpose of helping the client first. Being nonprofit means that anybody can recieve our services regardless of their income.  All client imformation is kept private.  Our data will be shared with the paranormal community.
                                We understand and we can help !
Call us at 909-215-4062